Aaron with his oldest younger sister and youngest younger sister….where is the middle younger sister?

Aaron: Brother to Emily, Cora, and Hannah. “The Eldest Child!”  Moved around as a Kid living in New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma.  Was educated in public school for 7 years and then began home education from 7th grade on.  Attended New Mexico Junior College obtaining an Associates Degree.  Then he came to NSU in 2000.  Majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Management Information Systems.

Enjoys playing with his computers (Hayworth, Annabelle, and Xena), Building things out of the multitudes of Lego’s from his childhood, and learning new things daily.

Loves walking with his wife and learning more of her qwirks daily.

Would like to be a father someday to an even number of children!

October 11, 2002 “we’re not dating, just friends!”

Justin Dillard &

 Jill (Oakely) Havens

at a Sigma Theta Epsilon Bonfire Spring 2003

The US: What about it?

Jill: Sister to Brian and Kevin.  The “Middle Child.” Called the same place home until marriage in 2003. Educated for 13 years with the same public school system.  Decided to go to College at Northeastern State University to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Family Relations Child Development.  A minor in Family and Consumer Sciences.

I enjoy being a housewife, cooking, sewing, and other fun things.  I really like taking the 1 hour walks with my husband at night, it is sort of an alone time for us….unless you count the barking dogs!

One of these days I plan on being a Mom to at least 2 wonderful children, however, 4 would be ok too.